Marx & Engels Collected Works: Volume 19

Volume 19

Marx and Engels
January 1861 - June 1864

German Movements (Engels)3
The American Question in England (Marx)7
The British Cotton Trade (Marx)17
The London Times and Lord Palmerston (Marx)21
The London Times on the Orleans Princes in America (Marx)27
The North American Civil War (Marx)32
The Civil War in the United States (Marx)43
The Crisis in England (Marx)53
British Commerce (Marx)57
Economic Notes (Marx)62
Intervention in Mexico (Marx)66
The intervention in Mexico (Marx)71
Monsieur Fould (Marx)79
France's Financial Situation (Marx)82
The Dismissal of Frémont (Marx)86
The Trent Case (Marx)89
The Anglo-American Conflict (Marx)92
The News and Its Effect in London (Marx)95
The Principal Actors in the Trent Drama (Marx)101
Controversy over the Trent Case (Marx)105
Progress of Feeling in England (Marx)110
The Crisis over the Slavery Issue (Marx)115
American Matters (Marx)117
A Slander Trial (Marx)120
The Washington Cabinet and the Western Powers (Marx)124
The Opinion of the Newspapers and the Opinion of the People (Marx)127
French News Humbug.-Economic Consequences of War (Marx)131
Pro-American Meeting (Marx)134
English Public Opinion (Marx)137
More on Seward's Suppressed Dispatch (Marx)143
A Coup d'Etat by Lord John Russell (Marx)145
Statistical Observations on the Railway System (Marx)149
A London Workers' Meeting (Marx)153
Anti-Intervention Feeling (Marx)157
On the Cotton Crisis (Marx)160
English (Marx)163
The Parliamentary Debate on the Address (Marx)167
The Mexican Imbroglio (Marx)172
American Affairs (Marx)178
The Secessionists' Friends in the Lower House.- Recognition of the American Blockade (Marx)182
The American Civil War (Marx & Engels)186




An International Affaire Mires (Marx)196
The English Press and the Fall of New Orleans (Marx)199
A Treaty Against the Slave Trade (Marx)202
The Situation in the American Theatre of War (Marx & Engels)204
English Humanity and America (Marx)209
The American Civil War and the Ironclads and Rams (Engels)213
Chinese Affairs (Marx)216
A Scandal (Marx)219
A Suppressed Debate on Mexico and the Alliance with France (Marx)223
A Criticism of American Affairs (Marx)226
Russell's Protest Against American Rudeness.-The Rise in the Price of Grain.-On the Situation in Italy (Marx)230
Abolitionist Demonstrations in America (Marx)233
A Meeting for Garibaldi (Marx)236
Workers' Distress in England (Marx)239
A Note on the Amnesty (Marx)243
Garibaldi Meetings.-The Distressed Condition of Cotton Workers (Marx)245
Comments on the North American Events (Marx)248
Bread Manufacture (Marx)252
The Situation in North America (Marx)256
Symptoms of Disintegration in the Southern Confederacy (Marx)260
The Election Results in the Northern States (Marx)263
The Dismissal of McClellan (Marx)266
English Neutrality.-The Situation in the Southern States (Marx)270
Letter to the Editors of the Berliner Reform (Marx)273
Kinglake on the Battle of the Alma (Engels)274






Artillery News from America (Engels)289




Proclamation on Poland by the German Workers' Educational Society in London (Marx)296
The English Army (Engels)298






The Strength of the Armies in Schleswig (Engels)317
Obituary (Marx & Engels)320
England's Fighting Forces as against Germany (Engels)321


From the Preparatory Materials

Ground Rent (Marx)329
Biographical Notes on Wilhelm Wolff (Marx)335



Application by Marx for Restoration of His Prussian Citizenship339
Marx's Statement on the Restoration of His Prussian Citizenship341
Marx's Statement on the Rejection of His Application for Restoration Of His Prussian Citizenship345
Answer to Marx's Application for Restoration of His Prussian Citizenship353
Marx's Application for Naturalisation and Right of Domicile in Berlin355
Letter from Marx to Police President von Zedlitz 357
Power of Attorney Given by Marx to Ferdinand Lassalle for the Restoration of His Prussian Citizenship359
To the Directorate of the Schiller Institute360
Power of Attorney Issued by Marx to Engels to Take Over Wilhelm Wolff's Estate363


Notes and Indexes

Name Index406
Index of Quoted and Mentioned Literature430
Index of Periodicals 445
Subject Index450



United States of America on the Eve of the Civil War of 1861-65 (map) 32-3
The course of operations in the USA in 1861-1862 (map) 256-7
First page of Engels's manuscript of "The English Army" 299
Beginning of Marx's notes for a lecture on ground rent 331