Marx & Engels Collected Works: Volume 06

Volume 6


Preface xv
The Festival of Nations in London (Engels) 3
The State of Germany (Engels) 15
Statement (Marx) 34
Circular Against Kriege (Marx & Engels) 35

Section One. How Communism Became Love-Sick


Section Two. The Volks-Tribun's Political Economy and Its Attitude Towards Young America


Section Three. Metaphysical Trumpeting


Section Four. Flirtations with Religion


Section Five. Kriege's Personal Stand

Violation of the Prussian Constitution (Engels) 52
Letter from the Brussels Communist Correspondence Committee to G. A. Kottgen (Marx & Engels) 54
The Prussian Bank Question (Engels) 57
Address of the German Democratic Communists of Brussels to Mr. Feargus O'Connor (Marx & Engels) 58
Government and Opposition in France (Engels) 61
The Prussian Constitution (Engels) 64
Declaration Against Karl Grun (Marx) 72
The Constitutional Question in Germany (Engels) 75



II. The Status Quo and the Bourgeoisie

Protective Tariffs or Free Trade System (Engels) 92
Draft of a Communist Confession of Faith (Engels) 96
The Poverty of Philosophy. Answer to the Philosophy of Poverty by M. Proudhon (Marx) 105



Chapter I. A Scientific Discovery.


§ 1. The Opposition Between Use Value and Exchange Value


§ 2. Constituted Value or Synthetic Value


§ 3. Application of the Law of the Proportionality of Value


A) Money


B) Surplus Left by Labour


Chapter II. The Metaphysics of Political Economy.


§ 1. The Method.


First Observation.


Second Observation.


Third Observation.


Fourth Observation


Fifth Observation


Sixth Observation.


Seventh and last Observation.


§ 2. Division of Labour and Machinery.


§ 3. Competition and Monopoly.


§ 4. Property or Rent.


§ 5. Strikes and Combinations of Workers.

The Decline and Approaching Fall of Guizot.-Position of the French Bourgeoisie. (Engels) 213
The Communism of the Rheinischer Beobachter. (Marx) 220
German Socialism in Verse and Prose. (Engels) 235

1. Karl Beck. Lieder vom armen Mann or the Poetry of True Socialism.


2. Karl Grun, Uber Gothe vom menschlichen Standpunkte Darmstadt, 1846.

The Economic Congress. (Engels) 274
The Protectionists, the Free Traders and the Working Class (Marx) 279
The Free Trade Congress at Brussels. (Engels) 282
The Communists and Karl Heinzen. (Engels) 291

First Article.


Second Article.

The Commercial Crisis in England.-The Chartist Movement.-Ireland. (Engels) 307
The Masters and the Workers in England. To the Worker Editors of L'Atelier. (Engels) 310
Moralising Criticism and Critical Morality. A Contribution to German Cultural History. Contra Karl Heinzen. (Marx) 312
Principles of Communism. (Engels) 341
The Agrarian Programme of the Chartists. (Engels) 358
The Chartist Banquet in Connection with the Elections of 1847. (Engels) 361
The Manifesto of M. de Lamartine. (Engels) 364
The Civil War in Switzerland. (Engels) 367
The Reform Movement in France. (Engels) 375
The Chartist Movement. (Engels) 383
Split in the Camp.-The Reforme and the National.- March of Democracy. (Engels) 385
On Poland. Speeches at the International Meeting Held in London on November 29, 1847 to Mark the 17th Anniversary of the Polish Uprising of 1830. (Marx & Engels) 388

Marx's Speech.


Engels' Speech.

The Anniversary of the Polish Revolution of 1830. (Engels) 391
Reform Banquet at Lille.-Speech of M. Ledru-Rollin (Engels) 393
Reform Movement in France.-Banquet of Dijon. (Engels) 397
Remarks on the Article by M. Adolphe Bartles. (Marx) 402
Lamartine and Communism (Marx) 404
The Reforme and the National. (Engels) 406
Louis Blanc's Speech at the Dijon Banquet. (Engels) 409
Chartist Agitation. (Engels) 412
Wages. (Marx) 415



[B] Additions.


I. Aktinson.


II. Carlyle.


III. McCulloch.


IV. John Wade.


V. Babbage.


VI. Andrew Ure.


VII. Rossi.


[VIII]. Cherbuliez.


[IX]. Bray. Savings Banks.




I. How Does the Growth of the Productive Forces Affect Wages?.


II. Competition Between Workers and Employers.


III. Competition Among the Workers Themselves.


IV. Fluctuations of Wages.


V. Minimum Wage.


VI. Suggestions for Remedies.


VII. Workers' Associations.


VIII. Positive Aspect of Wage Labour.

The "Satisfied" Majority.-Guizot's Scheme of "Reform".-Queer Notions of M. Garnier-Pages.-Democratic Banquet at Chalon.-Speech of M. Ledru-Rollin.-A Democratic Congress.-Speech of M. Flocon.-The Reforme and the National (Engels) 438
The Coercion Bill for Ireland and the Chartists. (Engels) 445
Feargus O'Connor and the Irish People. (Engels) 448
Speech on the Question of Free Trade Delivered to the Democratic Association of Brussels at Its Public Meeting of January (Marx) 450
The Chartist Movement. [The Fraternal Democrats to the Working Classes of Great Britain and Ireland]. (Engels) 466
The Situation in France. (Marx) 468
Extraordinary Revelations.-Abd-el-Kader.-Guizot's Foreign Policy. (Engels) 469
The Chartist Movement. [Meeting in Support of the National Petition]. (Engels) 473
Manifesto of the Communist Party. (Marx & Engels) 477

I. Bourgeois and Proletarians.


II. Proletarians and Communists.


III. Socialist and Communist Literature.


1 Reactionary Socialism.


a. Feudal Socialism


b. Petty-bourgeois Socialism


c. German, or "True", Socialism


2. Conservative, or bourgeois Socialism.


3. Critical-Utopian Socialism and Communism.


IV. Position of the communists in Relation to the various Existing Opposition Parties.

The Movements of 1847. (Engels) 520
The Beginning of the End in Austria. (Engels) 530
The Debat social of February 6 on the Democratic Association. (Marx) 537
Three New Constitutions. (Engels) 540
On the Polish Question. (Marx & Engels) 545

Speech by Karl Marx.


Speech by Mr. Frederick Engels.

A Word to the Riforma. (Engels) 553
Revolution in Paris. (Engels) 556
To the Editor of The Northern Star. (Engels) 559
To the Editor of La Reforme. (Marx) 564
Persecution of Foreigners in Brussels. (Marx) 567
The Situation in Belgium. (Engels) 569


From the Preparatory Materials

Protectionists. (Marx) 573
Demand. (Marx) 574
Draft Plan for Section III of the Manifesto of the Communist Party (Marx) 576
Page from the Rough Draft of the Manifesto of the Communist Party. (Marx) 577
Notes on the Arrest, Maltreatment and Expulsion of Wilhelm Wolff by the Brussels Police. (Marx) 581



Rules of the Communist League (June 1847) 585
A Circular of the First Congress of the Communist League to the League Members. June 3, 1847 589
Note by Marx on the Formation of the Brussels Community and Circle of the Communist League. August 5, 1847 601
The Central Authority to the League. 602
The Northern Star on the Meeting in London on November 29, 1847 to Mark the 17th Anniversary of the Polish Insurrection of 1830 616
Address of the Democratic Association of Brussels to the Swiss People. 624
Minutes of Engels' Lecture to the London German Workers' Educational Society on November 30, 1847. 627
Minutes of Marx's Report to the London German Workers' Educational Society on November 30, 1847. 630
Minutes of Engels' Lecture to the London German Workers' Educational Society on December 7, 1847 632
Rules of the Communist League (December 1847) 633
From the Report of the Deulsche-Brusseler-Zeitung on the New Year's Eve Celebration of the German Workers' Society in Brussels, December 31, 1847 639
The Association Democratique of Brussels to the Fraternal Democrats Assembling in London 640
From the Deutsche-Brusseler-Zeitung's Report on the Meeting of the Democratic Association of February 20, 1848 643
From the Deutsche-Brusseler-Zeitung's Report on the Brussels Celebration of the Second Anniversary of the 1846 Cracow Insurrection 644
To the Citizens, Members of the Provisional Government of the French Republic 645
To Mr. Julian Harney, Editor of The Northern Star, Secretary of the Fraternal Democrats Society, London 647
Ferdinand Flocon to Marx in Brussels. March 1, 1848 649
Order of Leopold I, King of the Belgians, for Marx's Expulsion from Belgium 650
Decision of the Central Authority of the Communist League, March 3,1848 651
Travel Document Issued to Marx on His Expulsion from Belgium 653
Minutes of the Meeting of the Paris Community of the Communist League, March 8, 1848 654
Minutes of the Meeting of the Paris Circle of the (Communist League. March 9, 1848. 656
Announcement by the German Workers' Club in Paris. 658
Announcement of the Regular Meeting of the German Workers' Club in Paris. 658


Notes & Indexes

Notes 661
Name Index 715
Index of Quoted and Mentioned Literature 737
Index of Periodicals 751
Subject Index 755



First page of the lithographed "Circular Against Kriege" 37
Cartoon by Engels of Frederick William IV making the royal speech at the opening of the United Diet in Berlin, April 11 67
Beginning of Engels' manuscript, "Draft of a Communist Confession of Faith" 97
Cover of the first edition of Marx's The Poverty of Philosophy 107
A page of the Deutsche-Brusseler-zeitung with Marx's "Communism of the Rheinischer Beobachter" and the beginning of Engels' essays "German Socialism in Verse and Prose" 223
First page of Marx's manuscript "Wages" 417
First page of a separate edition of Marx's Speech on the Question of Free Trade" (Brussels, February 1848) 452
Cover of the first German 23-page edition of the Manifesto of the Communist Party 479
Cover of the 1848 30-page edition of the Manifesto of the Communist Party 483
Cover of the pamphlet containing the speeches "On the Polish Question" by Marx and Engels 547
Bottom of the page from Marx's manuscript, "Protectionists", with drawings by Engels 578
A page of the rough draft of the Manifesto of the Communist Party 579