Karl Marx in Deutsche-Brüsseler-Zeitung

The Situation in France

Source: MECW Volume 6, p. 468;
Written: about January 16, 1848;
First published: in the Deutsche-Brüsseler-Zeitung, January 16, 1848 and in La Réforme, January 19, 1848.

What does the Ministry do? — Nothing.

What does the parliamentary, legal opposition do? — Nothing.

What can France expect from the present Chambers? — Nothing.

What does M. Guizot want? — To remain Minister.

What do Messrs Thiers, Molé and Company want? — To become ministers again.

What does France gain from this “Get out so that I can get in"? — Nothing.

Ministry and opposition are thus condemned to do nothing.

Who alone will accomplish the coming French revolution? — The proletariat.

What will the bourgeoisie do for this? — Nothing.