Marx & Engels Collected Works: Volume 42

Volume 42

Marx & Engels

October 1864-March 1868


Marx to Carl Klings. 4 October3
Marx to Sophie von Hatzfeldt. 16 October5
Marx to Engels. 2 November6
Engels to Marx. 2 November6
Engels to Hermann Engels. 2 November9
Marx to Engels. 4 November11
Engels to Marx. 7 November19
Engels to Marx. 9 November21
Marx to Engels. 14 November22
Engels to Marx. 16 November23
Marx to Engels. 18 November25
Engels to Marx. 22 November29
Marx to Engels. 24 November29
Marx to Sophie von Hatzfeldt. 24 November31
Engels to Joseph Weydemeyer. 24 November37
Marx to Engels. 25 November40
Marx to Sophie von Hatzfeldt. 26 November42
Marx to Sophie von Hatzfeldt. 28 November43
Marx to Joseph Weydemeyer. 29 November43
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 29 November45
Marx to Lion Philips. 29 November46
Marx to Engels. 2 December49
Mars to Engels. 8 December52
Marx to Engels. 10 December53
Marx to Engels. 22 December56
Marx to Sophie von Hatzfeldt. 22 December56
Marx to Carl Siebel. 22 December58


Marx to Hermann Jung. About 8 January60
Engels to Rudolf Engels. 10 January61
Marx to His Daughter Jenny. 11 January62
Marx to Johann Baptist von Schweitzer. 16 January64
Marx to Engels. 25 January65
Engels to Marx. 27 January68
Marx to Engels. 30 January70
Marx to Engels. 1 February72
Marx to Engels. 3 February75
Engels to Marx. 5 February77
Marx to Engels. 6 February79
Engels to Marx. 7 February81
Engels to Marx. 9 February83
Marx to Engels. 10 February84
Marx to Engels. 11 February86
Engels to Marx. 13 February88
Marx to Engels. 13 February89
Marx to Victor Le Lubez. 15 February92
Marx to Engels. 16 February93
Marx to Engels. 18 February94
Engels to Marx. 20[-21] February98
Engels to Marx. 22 February98
Marx to Engels. Before 22 February99
Engels to Otto Meissner. 22 February100
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 23 February101
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 23 February101
Engels to Marx. 24 February106
Marx to Engels. 25 February107
Engels to Carl Siebel. 27 February111
Engels to Marx. 27 February112
Engels to Marx. 3 March113
Marx to Engels. 4 March114
Engels to Marx. 6 March116
Marx to Engels. 7 March117
Marx to Engels. 10 March120
Engels to Joseph Weydemeyer. 10 March121
Engels to Marx. 11 March126
Marx to Engels. 13 March128
Marx to Hermann Jung. 13 March131
Engels to Marx. 14 March132
Marx to Engels. 18 March133
Engels to Friedrich Albert Lange. 29 March135
Marx to Sophie von Hatzfeldt. 10 April139
Marx to Engels. 11 April139
Engels to Marx. 12 April140
Marx to Hermann Jung. 13 April143
Marx to Leon Fontaine. 15 April144
Engels to Marx. 16 April147
Marx to Engels. 22 April148
Marx to Hermann Jung. 25 April148
Marx to Engels. 1 May149
Engels to Marx. 3 May151
Marx to Engels. 9 May154
Engels to Marx. 12 May156
Marx to Engels. 13 May157
Marx to Engels. 20 May159
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. About 25 May160
Marx to Engels. 24 June161
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 24 June165
Marx to Eleanor Marx. 3 July166
Engels to Marx. 15 July167
Engels to Marx. 25 July169
Marx to Léon Fontaine. 25 July170
Marx to Engels. 31 July172
Marx to Engels. 5 August174
Engels to Marx. 7 August178
Marx to Engels. 9 August180
Engels to Marx. 16 August181
Marx to Engels. 19 August183
Engels to Marx. 21 August186
Marx to Engels. 22 August187
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 11 September189
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 20 September189
Engels to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 21 September190
Marx to Hermann Jung. 30 September191
Engels to Marx. 4 October192
Marx to Engels. 19 October193
Marx to Engels. 8 November193
Marx to Salomon Fuld. 9 November194
Engels to Marx. 13 November195
Marx to Engels. 14 November195
Marx to Hermann Jung. 15 November196
Engels to Marx. 17 November197
Marx to Engels. 20 November198
Marx to Hermann Jung. 20 November200
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 21 November201
Marx to Cesar de Paepe. About 25 November203
Engels to Marx. 1 November204
Marx to Engels. 2 December205
Marx to Engels. 26 November206
Marx to Engels. End of 1865-Beginning of 1866208


Engels to Marx. 4 January211
Marx to Engels. 5 January212
Marx to Johann l Phillip Becker. About 13 January213
Marx to Engels. 15 January216
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 15 January218
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 15 January220
Marx to Sigfrid Meyer. 24 January222
Engels to Marx. 26 January222
Marx to Engels. 10 February223
Engels to Marx. 10 February225
Marx to Engels. 13 February227
Marx to Engels. 14 February229
Marx to Friedrich Lessner. 14 February229
Engels to Marx. 19 February230
Marx to Engels. 20 February231
Engels to Marx. 22 February233
Marx to Engels. 2 March234
Engels to Marx. 5 March235
Marx to Engels. 6 March236
Engels to Marx. About 10 March237
Marx to Engels. 10 March237
Marx to Engels. 15 March238
Marx to Engels. 16 March239
Marx to His Daughter Jenny. 16 March240
Marx to Antoinette Philips. 18 March241
Marx to Laura Marx. 20 March244
Engels to Hermann Engels. 22 March247
Marx to Engels. 24 March249
Engels to Marx. 27 March251
Marx to Engels. 2 April252
Engels to Marx. 2 April255
Engels to Marx. 6 April256
Marx to Engels. 6 April258
Engels to Hermann Engels. 6 April259
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 6 April261
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 6 April262
Engels to Marx. 10 April264
Engels to Marx. 13 April266
Marx to Engels. 23 April268
Engels to Marx. 1 May269
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 4 May271
Engels to Marx. 9 May272
Marx to Engels. 10 May273
Engels to Marx. 16 May275
Marx to Engels. 17 April277
Engels to Marx. 25 May279
Marx to Engels. 7 June281
Marx to Engels. 9 June282
Engels to Marx. 11 June284
Marx to Engels. 20 June286
Engels to Marx. 4 July288
Marx to Engels. 7 July289
Engels to Marx. 9 July292
Engels to Marx. 12 July294
Marx to Engels. 21 July295
Engels to Marx. 25 July297
Marx to Engels. 27 July299
Engels to Marx. 6 August301
Marx to Engels. 7 August303
Engels to Marx. 10 August306
Marx to Paul Lafargue. 13 August307
Marx to Engels. 13 August309
Marx to Engels. 23 August310
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 23 August311
Engels to Emil Engels. 23 August312
Marx to Laura Marx. 28 August313
Marx to Johann Philipp Becker. 31 August314
Marx to Eleanor Marx. 5 September315
Marx to Laura Marx. About 8 September317
Marx to Engels. 26 September317
Marx to Engels. 1 October319
Engels to Marx. 2 October320
Marx to Engels. 3 October321
Engels to Marx. 5 October322
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 9 October325
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 13 October327
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 25 October329
Marx to Engels. 6 November330
Marx to Engels. 10 November331
Engels to Marx. 11 November332
Marx to Francois Lafargue. 12 November334
Marx to Paul Lafargue. 7 December335
Z01. Marx to Engels. 8 December336
Engels to Marx. 14 December336
Marx to Engels. 17 December338
Engels to Marx. 21 December339
Marx to Engels. 31 December341


Marx to Engels. 19 January343
Engels to Marx. 29 January344
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 18 February346
Marx to Engels. 21 February347
Marx to Engels. 25 February347
Engels to Marx. 13 March348
Marx to Engels. 2 April350
Engels to Marx. 4 April352
Marx to Engels. 13 April356
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 16 April358
Marx to Johann Philipp Becker. 17 April358
Marx to Engels. 24 April359
Engels to Marx. 27 April362
Marx to Sigfrid Meyer. 30 April366
Marx to Ludwig Buchner. 1 May367
Marx to His Daughter Jenny. 5 May369
Marx to Engels. 7 May370
Marx to Laura Marx. 13 May375
Marx to Engels. About 22 May377
Marx to Engels. 3 June378
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 10 June379
Engels to Marx. 16 June381
Marx to Engels. 22 June383
Engels to Marx. 24 June386
Engels to Marx. 26 June388
Marx to Engels. 27 June389
Marx to Engels. 27 June391
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 13 July395
Marx to Engels. 20 July396
Marx to Ferdinand Freiligrath. 20 July397
Marx to Engels. 10 August398
Engels to Marx. 11 August399
Marx to Engels. 14 August400
Marx to London Bookseller. 14 August401
Engels to Marx. 15 August401
Marx to Engels. 16 August402
Engels to Marx. 23 August405
Marx to Engels. 24 August407
Engels to Marx. 26 August409
Engels to Marx. 27 August410
Marx to Auguste Vermorel. 27 August413
Marx to Sigfrid Meyer. 27 August415
Marx to Engels. 31 August416
Engels to Marx. 1 September417
Engels to Marx. 2 September418
Marx to Engels. 4 September419
Marx to Engels. 7 September422
Engels to Marx. 9 September422
Marx to Engels. 11 September423
Engels to Marx. 11 September425
Marx to Engels. 12 September427
Marx to Engels. 12 September429
Engels to Marx. 12 September429
Marx to Engels. 13 September431
Engels to Laura Marx. 23 September431
Marx to Engels. 4 October432
Engels to Marx. 8 October436
Marx to Engels. 9 October437
Marx to Engels. 10 October438
Engels to Marx. 11 October439
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 11 October440
Engels to Ludwig Kugelmann. 12 October433
Engels to Marx. 13 October445
Marx to Engels. 14 October447
Engels to Marx. 15 October448
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 15 October449
Engels to Marx. 18 October450
Engels to Hermann Meyer. 18 October451
Marx to Engels. 19 October452
Engels to Marx. 22 October456
Engels to Marx. 1 November457
Marx to Engels. 2 November458
Engels to Marx. 5 November461
Marx to Engels. 7 November463
Engels to Marx. 8 November465
Engels to Ludwig Kugelmann. 8 and 20 November467
Marx to Engels. 9 November470
Engels to Marx. 10 November470
Marx to Carl Siebel. 10 November472
Marx to Engels. 14 November473
Engels to Marx. 24 November474
Engels to Marx. 26 November475
Marx to Engels. 27 November476
Marx to Engels. 28 November478
Engels to Marx. 28 November479
Engels to Hermann Engels. 28 November480
Marx to Engels. 29 November482
Marx to Engels. 29 November482
Engels to Marx. 29 November483
Marx to Engels. 30 November484
Marx to Victor Schily. 30 November487
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 30 November489
Engels to Marx. 4 December491
Engels to Marx. 6 December493
Marx to Engels. 7 December496
Marx to Engels. 7 December496
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 7 December497
Engels to Marx. 12 December499
Engels to Ludwig Kugelmann. 12 December500
Engels to Ludwig Kugelmann. 13 December501
Marx to Engels. 14 December501
Engels to Marx. 16 December503
Marx to Engels. 17 December504
Engels to Marx. 19 December505


Marx to Engels. 3 January507
Engels to Jenny Marx. 3 January508
Engels to Marx. 6 January510
Engels to Marx. 7 January511
Marx to Engels. 8 January512
Marx to Engels. 8 January514
Engels to Marx. 10 January517
Marx to Engels. 11 January519
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 11 January521
Engels to Marx. 16 January523
Engels to Marx. 23 January525
Marx to Engels. 25 January527
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 30 January528
Marx to Engels. 1 February531
Engels to Marx. 2 February532
Marx to Engels. 4 February535
Engels to Marx. 11 February537
Marx to Engels. 15 February538
Marx to Engels. 20 February538
Engels to Marx. 20 February539
Engels to Marx. 1 March540
Marx to Engels. 4 March541
Marx to Engels. 6 March542
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 6 March543
Engels to Marx. 10 March545
Engels to Marx. 13 March546
Marx to Engels. 14 March547
Marx to Engels. 16 March549
Engels to Marx. 17 March550
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 17 March551
Marx to Engels. 18 March5533
Engels to Marx. 19 March5544
Marx to Engels. 23 March556
Marx to Engels. 25 March557
Engels to Marx. 29 March560



Jenny Marx to Engels. Not before 29 November 1864565
Jenny Marx to Engels. 30 March 1865566
Karl Marx. Confession. 1 April 1865567
Jenny Marx to Johann Philipp Becker. 29 January 1866568
Jenny Marx to Sigfrid Meyer. Beginning of February 1866572
Jenny Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 26 February 1866573
Jenny Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 1 April 1866574
Jenny Marx to Engels. 24 December 1866576
Jenny Marx to Johann Philipp Becker. 5 October 1867577
Jenny Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 24 December 1867577
Jenny Marx to Johann Philipp Becker. After 10 January 1868580
Laura Marx to Engels. 13 January 1868583


Notes and Indexes

Name Index675
Index of Quoted and Mentioned Literature717
Index of Periodicals7433
Subject Index752



Third page of Marx's letter to Engels of 4 November 186413
Pages of Marx's Notebook for 1864-65 with the rough draft of his letter to Leon Fontaine of 15 April 1865145
Karl Marx with his daughter Jenny. End of March 1866, Margate248-9
Frederick Engels. 1860s. Manchester296-7
The British Museum328-9
First page of Engels' letter to Marx of 4 April 1867353
Karl Marx. End of April 1867. Hanover360-1
Marx's letter to Engels of 16 August 1867403
Otto Meissner Publishing House in Hamburg where Marx brought the manuscript of Volume One of Capital in 1867488-9
A page from the album of Jenny, Marx's daughter, containing Marx's 'Confession'569