Marx & Engels Collected Works: Volume 14

Volume 14

Marx and Engels

The Struggle in the Crimea (Engels)3
Palmerston. - The Army (Marx & Engels)8
From Parliament. - Gladstone at the Dispatch Box (Marx)12
Lord Palmerston (Marx)14
Herbert's Re-election. - The First Measures of the New Ministry. - News from India (Marx)21
Parliament (Marx)24
The Coalition between Tories and Radicals (Marx)29
The War That Looms on Europe (Engels)32
Parliamentary and Military Affairs (Marx & Engels)40
On the New Ministerial Crisis (Marx)43
Joseph Hume (Marx)47
Palmerston (Marx)49
The British Constitution (Marx)53
Layard (Marx)57
The Crisis in England (Marx)59
The Buying of Commissions. - News from Australia (Marx)63
The English Press on the Late Tsar (Marx)67
On the History of the French Alliance (Marx)69
The Committee of Inquiry (Marx)73
The Brussels Mémoire (Marx)76
Ireland's Revenge (Marx)78
The Results in the Crimea (Engels)81
Fate of the Great Adventurer (Engels)86
Criticism of the French Conduct of the War (Marx & Engels)90
Agitation against Prussia. - A day of Fasting (Marx)94
A Meeting (Marx)98
Reports from the English Press (Marx)102
From Parliament (Marx)104
Napoleon's Last Dodge (Engels)109
A Battle at Sebastopol (Engels)113
Some Observations on the History of the French Alliance (Marx)118
Napoleon and Barbès.- The Newspaper Stamp (Marx)121
The Committee of Inquiry (Marx)124
The British Army (Marx)128
Progress of the War (Engels)132
The Situation in the Crimea (Engels)I36
A Scandal in the French Legislature.-Drouyn de Lhuys' Influence. The State of the Militia (Marx)139
Prospect in France and England (Marx)141
Napoleon's Apology (Engels)146
The Siege of Sebastopol (Engels)151
Germany and Pan-Slavism (Engels)156
The European Struggle (Engels)163
On the History of Political Agitation (Marx)166
From Sebastopol (Engels)110
Pianori. - Dissatisfaction with Austria (Marx)177
The New Move in the Crimea (Engels)180
The Morning Post versus Prussia.-The Character of the Whigs and Tories (Marx)186
A Sitting of the House of Lords (Marx)189
The Agitation Outside Parliament (Marx)194
Questions of Finance (Marx)198
The Crimean War (Engels)201
On the Reform Movement (Marx)208
A Critique of the Crimean Affair.-From Parliament (Marx)211
The New French Commander (Engels)215
Prologue at Lord Palmerston's.-Course of the Latest Events in the Crimea (Marx & Engels)218
Parliamentary Reform.-The Break-off and Continuation of the Vienna Conference.-The So-Called War of Annihilation (Marx)222
Disraeli's Motion (Marx)227
From Parliament (Marx)231
A Critique of Palmerston's Latest Speech (Marx)237
The Association for Administrative Reform. - People's Charter (Marx)240
Parliamentary (Marx)245
From the Crimea (Engels)249
A Critique of the Events in the Crimea (Engels)253
The Great Parliamentary Debate (Marx)257
Sebastopol (Engels)260
Napoleon's War Plans (Engels)267
Napier's Letters.-Roebuck's Committee (Marx)273
The Debate on Layard's Motion- The War in the Crimea (Marx & Engels)277
Prince Albert's Toast.-The Stamp Duty on Newspapers (Marx)280
Eccentricities of Politics (Marx)283
The Local War. - Debate on Administrative Reform. - Report of the Roebuck Committee, etc (Marx & Engels)287
Announcement Concerning the Taking of Sebastopol.-From the Paris Bourse. - On the Massacre at Hango in the House of Lords (Marx)292
The Mishap of June 18.-Reinforcements (Marx)297
Anti-Church Movement.-Demonstration in Hyde Park (Marx)302
Miscellaneous Reports (Marx)308
From Sebastopol (Engels)313
Miscellaneous Reports (Marx)320
Agitation over the Tightening-up of Sunday Observance (Marx)323
The Late Repulse of the Allies (Engels)328
Clashes between the Police and the People.-The Events in the Crimea (Marx & Engels)333
From Parliament.-Roebuck's and Bulwer's Motions (Marx)337
From the Houses of Parliament.-Bulwer's Motion. - The Irish Question (Marx)340
The Great Crimean Blunder (Engels)344
Russell's Resignation.-The Events in the Crimea (Marx & Engels)348
Russell's Dismissal (Marx)352
From Parliament (Marx)355
War Prospects (Engels)358
From Parliament. - From the Theatre of War (Marx & Engels)363
Palmerston. The Physiology of the Ruling Class of Great Britain (Marx)367
Lord John Russell (Marx)371
The Late Birmingham Conference (Marx)394
The Armies of Europe (Engels)401
General Simpson's Resignation. - From Parliament (Marx)470
Commentary on the Parliamentary Proceedings (Marx)472
The Military Forces against Russia (Marx)476
The Poland Meeting (Marx)477
On the Critique of Austrian Policy in the Crimean Campaign (Marx)481
The Anglo-French War against Russia (Marx & Engels)484
Events at the Theatres of War (Marx)490
Napier's Letter (Marx)493
Austria and the War (Marx)495
The Punishment of the Ranks (Marx & Engels)501
The Battle of the Chernaya (Engels)504
Another British Revelation (Marx)513
The Fall of Sebastopol (Engels)519
O'Connor's Funeral (Marx)524
Crimean Prospects (Engels)525
Events in the Crimea (Marx & Engels)531
The Commercial and Financial Situation (Marx)5S4
The State of the War (Engels)537
The Reports of Generals Simpson, Pelissier and Niel (Marx & Engels)542
The Great Event of the War (Engels)546
A Diplomatic Impropriety (Marx)553
The Official Financial Report (Marx)554
The Bank of France.-Reinforcements to the Crimea.-The New Field Marshals (Marx)557
The Committee at Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Marx)560
Progress of the War (Engels)563
Aspects of the War (Engels)569
The Russian Army (Engels)575
Big Meeting in Support of Political Refugees (Marx)581
Traditional English Policy (Marx)584
The War in Asia (Engels)588
The European War (Engels)595
The American Difficulty.-Affairs of France (Marx)599
The Fall of Kars (Marx)605
The France of Bonaparte the Little (Marx)615
The Fall of Kars (Marx)621
Speech at the Anniversary of The People's Paper. Delivered in London, April 14, 1856 (Marx)655
Prussia (Marx)657
The House of Lords and the Duke of York's Monument (Marx)662
To the Editor of The Free Press (Marx)672
Kars Papers Curiosities (Marx)673


From The Preparatory Materials

Crimean War (Engels)685



Austria's Weakness 689
Progress of the War694


Notes and Indexes

Name Index704
Index of Quoted and Mentioned Literature795
Index of Periodicals 816
Subject Index820
Glossary of Geographical Names832



Crimean War 1853-56. The Crimean Theatre 204-05
Crimean War 1853-56 The Siege of Sebastapol330-31
Chart of the Battle of Chernaya (August 16, 1855) made by Engels 505
Crimean War 1853-56 The General Course of the War598-99
Fragment of the first Page of Marx's notes for his articles on the fall of Kars 607
Engels' summary "Crimean War"683