Marx & Engels Collected Works: Volume 13

Volume 13

Marx and Engels

February 1854-February 1855

The War Question in Europe (Marx & Engels)3
Declaration of the Prussian Cabinet. - Napoleon's Plans.-Prussia's Policy (Marx)8
Debates in Parliament (Marx)11
Parliamentary Debates of February 22.-Pozzo di Borgo's Dispatch.-The Policy of the Western Powers (Marx)26
English and French War Plans.-Greek Insurrection.- Spain.-China (Marx)35
Austrian Bankruptcy (Marx)43
Opening of the Labour Parliament.-English War Budget (Marx)50
Letter to the Labour Parliament (People's Paper - Marx)57
The Labour Parliament (Marx)61
Retreat of the Russians from Kalafat (Engels)65
The Greek Insurrection (Marx)70
The Documents on the Partition of Turkey (Marx)73
The Secret Diplomatic Correspondence (Marx)84
Declaration of War.-On the History of the Eastern Question (Marx)100
The Fortress of Kronstadt (Engels)109
British Finances.-The Troubles at Preston (Marx)117
The Russian Army (Engels)123
The European War (Marx & Engels)129
The War Debate in Parliament (Marx)132
Russia and the German Powers.-Corn Prices (Marx)143
Position of the Armies in Turkey (Engels)150
Reshid Pasha's Note.-An Italian Newspaper on the Eastern Question (Marx)154
Greece and Turkey.-Turkey and tile Western Powers.-Falling Off in Wheat Sales in England (Marx)159
The Turkish War (Engels)163
The Greek Insurrection.-The Polish Emigration.-The Austro-Prussian Treaty.-Russian Documents (Marx)166
The Bombardment of Odessa.-Greece.-Proclamation of Prince Daniel of Montenegro.-Manteuffel's Speech (Marx)173
News from the European Contest (Engels)181
British Finances (Marx)184
A Famous Victory (Engels)192
Attack Upon Sevastopol.-Clearing of Estates in Scotland (Marx)196
The War (Engels)201
The Present Condition of the English Army-Tactics, Uniform, Commissariat, &c (Engels)208
The Treaty Between Austria and Prussia.-Parliamentary Debates of May 29 (Marx)215
The Formiation of a Special Ministry of War in Britain.-The War on the Danube.-The Economic Situation (Marx)220
Reorganisation of the British War Administration.-The Austin Summons.-Britain's Economic Situation.-St. Arnatid (Marx)227
The Siege of Silistria (Engels)234
State of the Russian War (Marx & Engels)246
The Russian Retreat (Marx & Engels)253
The War.-Debate in Parliament (Marx)258
The Insurrection at Madrid.-The Austro-Turkish Treaty.-Moldavia and Wallachia (Marx)267
The War on the Danube (Engels)276
The Details of the Insurrection at Madrid.-The Austro-Prussian Summons.-The New Austrian Loan.-Wallachia (Marx)232
Excitement in Italy.-The Events in Spain.-The Position of the German States.-British Magistrates (Marx)291
A Congress at Vienna.-The Austrian Loan.- Proclamations of Duke and O'Donnell.-The Ministerial Crisis in Britain (Marx)301
The Spanish Revolution.-Greece and Turkey (Marx)309
The War Debates in Parliament (Marx)316
The Policy of Austria.-The War Debates in the House of Commons (Marx)323
That Bore of a War (Marx & Engels)334
Espartero (Marx)340
The Attack on the Russian Forts (Engels)347
Evacuation of the Danubian Principalities.-The Events in Spain.-A New Danish Constitution.-The Chartists (Marx)350
Evacuation of Moldavia and Wallachia.-Poland. Demands of the Spanish People (Marx)357
The Eastern Question.-The Revolution in Spain.-The Madrid Press (Marx)364
Revolution in Spain.-Bomarsund (Marx)372
The Capture of Bomarsund (Article I) (Engels)379
The Capture of Bomarsund (Article II) (Engels)384
Revolutionary Spain (Marx)389
















The Reaction in Spain (Marx)447
The Rumours about Mazzini's Arrest.-The Austrian Compulsory Loan.-Spain.-The Situation in Wallachia (Marx)455
The Actions of the Allied Fleet.-The Situation in the Danubian Principalities.-Spain.-British Foreign Trade (Marx)461
The Attack on Sevastopol (Engels)470
The News from the Crimea (Engels)477
The Sevastopol Hoax (Marx & Engels)483
The Sevastopol Hoax.-General News (Marx & Engels)488
The Battle of the Alma (Engels)492
The Military Power of Russia (Engels)498
The Siege of Sevastopol (Engels)505
The Campaign in the Crimea (Engels)511
The War in the East (Engels)518
The Battle of Inkerman (Engels)528
The Crimean Campaign (Engels)536
Progress of the War (Marx & Engels)543
The Military Power of Austria (Engels)550
In Retrospect (Marx)554
The Press and the Military System (Marx)560
British Disaster in the Crimea (Engels)564
The Crisis in Trade and Industry (Marx)571
The Four Points (Marx)579
The Commercial Crisis in Britain (Marx)585
Sunday Observance and the Publicans.-Clanricarde (Marx)590
Critical Observations on the Siege of Sevastopol (Engels)593
The Crimean Campaign (Engels)596
The Aims of the Negotiations.-Polemic Against Prussia.-A Snoz ball Riot (Marx)598
The Opening of Parliament (Marx)600
Comments on the Cabinet Crisis (Marx)603
Parliamentary News (Marx)605
The European War (Engels)619
From Parliament.-From the Theatre of War (Marx & Engels)615
The Late British Government (Marx & Engels)620
On the Ministerial Crisis (Marx)627
Fall of the Aberdeen Ministry (Marx)631
The Defeated Government (Marx)638
The Parties and Cliques (Marx)642
Two Crises (Marx)645


From The Preparatory Materials

A Central Junta (Marx)651
Unpublished Extract from a Series of Articles "Revolutionary Spain" (Marx)654



The English Middle Class663


Notes and Indexes

Name Index724
Index of Quoted and Mentioned Literature757
Index of Periodicals783
Subject Index789
Glossary of Geographical Names801



Part of the page from The People's Paper of March 18, 1854 with Marx's letter to the Labour Parliament59
Plan of Kronstadt drawn by Engels while writing the article "The Fortress of Kronstadt"111
Position of troops during the siege of Silistria and the battle of Inkerman (sketch)235
Title page of one of Marx's notebooks containing excerpts on the history of Spain397
Ernest Jones letter of September 8, 1854 to Marx asking him to write a leader for The People's Paper. The address is in Marx's handwriting453
A page from Engels' preparatory material for the article "The Military Power of Russia"499
Engels' rough draft of the article "The War in the East" with a sketch of the battle519
Crimean theatre of war, 1854 (map)529
Crimean War, 1853-56. Danubian, Crimean, Caucasian Theatres of War (map)545-47
Original of unpublished extract from Marx's Revolutionary Spain655