Eliza's Paragraph
Since the 2004 election, the American peace movement has experienced a ----- that is finally being ------ by the military counter recruitment movement. Unlike the demonstrations and vigils typical of recent anti-war efforts, counter recruitment is actively starving the military of the enlistees necessary to engage in the tipe of prolonged and brutal battle taking place in Iraq. Much to the consternation of the government, America has finally reclaimed a strategy similar to the one utilized during vietnam era draft resistance in the termination of the Iraq war.

The Reconfiguration (working title) will be an exploration of the American peace movement's targeting of military recruitment as a strategy to stop the war. This strategy, the (25) direct descendent of the vietnam era's draft resistance, and the critical resource that it effects, new soldiers, has concerned policy elites and bolstered on the once flagging peace movement. While the theory goes that as it strenghtens, it may slow down and eventually end the war, the reality on the ground is that, with an all volunteer, army,targeting military recruitment is more difficult than ever before.
But what is it really?
The Reconfiguration will show through indepth interviews with both veteran activists of earlier draft resistance struggles, historians of the movement and its myriad effects, and contemporary activists organizing on the ground. The screen will overflow with wall to wall historical footage highlighting how people working together, miles from any literal battleground, have helped end wars. In addition, there will be footage showing the grunt work today, behind the scenes, unglamourous and pounding sweat, as a new generation labors to end a new war. And flashy motion graphics will illuminate more abstract points helping the audience truly see what a difference collective action can make.
But this will be no regular PBS movie. Printed on a DVD, the disc will contain the movie as well as an "organizing toolbox." When the movie is over, new activists and old can pop it in a computer and print up materials to begin a counter-recruitment campaign in their town. Some of the items we hope to contain in the Toolbox include:
  • Petitions (as both Word documents and PDFs, all editible)
  • Fliers (ditto)
  • Resource list of webpages, books, etc to keep people up to date and informed
  • Lobbying kit
  • An additional 30 minute film to show potential recruits about the various tricks recruiters use.
  • a basic organizing guide
  • graphics for future fliers,
  • articles and mp3s
  • A small machine gun.

Cover Sheet(1 page)
Program descriptions(3 pages)
25 words synopsis
Treatment explaining background info, structure, theme, style, format, voice, and point of view
target communities
Who am I and who knows me
current status
Production Personnel (2 to 3 pages)
Applicants full resumes
Previous and present work samples.
  1. 1-what the film is about
  2. 2-structure
  3. 3- theme
  4. 4-style
  5. 5-format
  6. 6-voice
  7. 7-pov
fizzled from itıs own misdirection and was reborn