Marx & Engels Collected Works: Volume 45

Volume 45

Marx & Engels

January 1874-December 1879


Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 19 January3
Engels to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 27 January4
Engels to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 14 February7
Engels to Wilhelm Blos. 21 February8
Engels to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 27 February9
Marx to George Moore. 26 March10
Marx to George Moore. 28 March12
Marx to Jenny Marx. 19 April13
Marx to Jenny Longuet. Between 20 and 24 April15
Marx to Maurice Lachatre. 12 May16
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 18 May17
Engels to Gottfried Ermen. 1 June19
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 24 June21
Marx to Engels. 15 July21
Engels to Marx. 21 July23
Marx to Maurice Lachatre. 23 July25
Engels to Jenny Longuet. 2 August27
Marx to Engels. 4 August27
Marx to Sorge. 4 August28
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 4 August31
Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann. 10 August32
Engels to Marx. 12 August32
Marx to Engels. 14 August33
Marx to Jenny Longuet. 14 August34
Marx to Engels. 1 September37
Engels to Marx. 5 September38
Engels to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 12[-17] September40
Marx to Engels. 18 September45
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 20 September47
Engels to Marx. 21 September48
Engels to Laura Lafargue. 15 October51
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 17 October52
Engels to Hermann Lopatin. About 20 October53


Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 7 January54
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 9 January55
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 20 January55
Marx to Maurice Lachatre. 30 January56
Marx to Juste Vernouillet. 3 February57
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 11 February58
Marx to Engels. February-March59
Engels to Hermann Ramm. 18 March59
Engels to August Bebel. 18-28 March60
Engels to Rudolf Engels. 22 March66
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 5 May69
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 8 May73
Engels to Eugen Oswald- 8 May74
Marx to Jenny Marx 10 May75
Engels to Patrick John Coleman 20 May76
Engels to A Goopy 14 June77
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov 18 June.78
Marx to Z 12 July79
Marx to Edwards 14 July79
Marx to Engels 21 August82
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 1 September86
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 6 September87
Marx to Engels. 8 September87
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 9 September89
Marx to Hermann Schumacher. 21 September90
Engels to Pyotr Lavrov. 24 September91
Marx to Peter Imandt. 27 September92
Marx to Bernhard Kraus. 30 September93
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 8 October93
Engels to Wilhelm Bracke. 11 October94
Engels to August Bebel. 12 October97
Engels to Bebel. October 1599
Marx to Bernhard Kraus. 20 October103
Engels to Philipp Pauli. 8 November104
Engels to Philipp Pauli. 9 November105
Engels to Rudolf Engels. 9 November105
Engels to Pyotr Lavrov. 12[-17] November106
Engels to Paul Kersten. 24 November110
Marx to Morel. Probably autumn110
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 3 December111
Engels to Walery Wroblewski. 4 December111
Engels to Friedrich Lessner. 16 December112
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 17 December113


Marx to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 4 April114
Engels to Philipp Pauli. 25 April115
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 18 May117
Engels to Marx. 24 May117
Marx to Engels. 25 May119
Engels to Marx. 28 May122
Marx to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 14 June124
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 14 June125
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 14 June126
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 15 June127
Engels to Pyotr Lavrov. 16 June128
Engels to Pyotr Lavrov. 30 June129
Engels to Marx. 25 July130
Marx to Engels. 26 July131
Engels to Philipp Pauli. 11 August133
Engels to Pyotr Lavrov. 15 August134
Marx to Engels. 19 August135
Engels to Jenny Marx. 20 August138
Engels to Marx. 25 August139
Engels to Ida Pauli. 27 August141
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 30 August142
Marx to Jenny Longuet. End of August-beginning of September143
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 1 September144
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 6 September144
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 9 September145
Marx to Ida Pauli. 10 September146
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 12 September146
Engels to Pyotr Lavrov. 15 September147
Marx to Ferdinand Fleckles. 21 September148
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 23 September149
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 30 September151
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 7 October153
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 7 October154
Marx to Leo Frankel. 13 October157
Engels to Ernst Dronke. 15 October159
Marx to Thomas Allsop. 16 October159
Engels to Emil Blank. 16 October160
Engels to Thomas Allsop. 17 October160
Engels to Ernst Dronke. 20 October161
Engels to Ludwig Kugelmann. 20 October162
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 21 October163
Engels to Ernst Dronke. 1 November164
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 6 November166
Marx to Collet Dobson Collet. 10 November167
Engels to Ernst Dronke. 13 November171
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 20 November172
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 20 November173
Engels to Gustav Rasch. End of November175
Marx to Collet Dobson Collet. 9 December178
Marx to Engels. 11 December179
Engels to Philipp Pauli. 16 December180
Engels to Hermann Engels. 18 December181
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 21 December183


Marx to Maxim Kovalevsky. 9 January185
Engels to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 9 January186
Engels to Hermann Engels. 9 January187
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 21 January188
Marx to Ferdinand Fleckles. 21 January190
Marx to Wilhelm Alexander Freund. 21 January191
Marx to Frederic Harrison. 21 January192
Marx to Gabriel Deville. 23 January193
Engels to Hermann Ramm. 25 January194
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 14 February196
Engels to Ida Pauli. 14 February197
Engels to Marx. 23 February198
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 24 February201
Engels to Marx. 2 March201
Marx to Engels. 3 March203
Engels to Friedrich Lessner. 4 March204
Marx to Engels. 5 March205
Engels to Marx. 6 March206
Marx to Engels. 7 March207
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 16 March:210
Marx to Mrs Wollmann. 19 March211
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 23 March213
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 24 March214
Engels to Philipp Pauli. 26 March215
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 27 March216
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 29 March217
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 11 April217
Engels to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 11 April219
Marx to Philip Stephen King. 14 April220
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 17 April220
Marx to Thomas Allsop. 20 April.221
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 21 April222
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 21 April225
Engels to B. Lindheimer. 21 April:225
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 23 April226
Engels to Wilhelm Bracke. 24 April227
Engels to B. Lindheimer. 26 April229
Engels to B. Lindheimer. 3 or 4 May229
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 26 July230
Engels to Marx. 27 May232
Marx to Engels. 31 May234
Engels to Wilhelm Bracke. 25 June236
Engels to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 2 July238
Engels to Marx. 15 July240
Marx to Engels. 18 July241
Engels to Marx. 19 July243
Marx to Engels. 23 July244
Engels to Marx. 24 July248
Marx to Engels 25 July250
Engels to Franz Wiede. 25 July253
Engels to Marx. 31 July254
Engels to Natalie Liebknecht. 31 July256
Engels to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 31 July256
Marx to Engels. 1 August258
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 1 August262
Marx to Engels. 8 August262
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 8 August265
Marx to Maltman Barry. 15 August266
Marx to Engels. 17 August267
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 18 August269
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 24 August270
Engels to Marx. 25 August271
Marx to Nikolaus Delius. 25 August273
Engels to Natalie Liebknecht. 4 September274
Marx to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 27 September275
Engels to Hermann Engels. 5 October279
Engels to Ludwig Kugelmann. 12 October280
Engels to Hermann Engels. 13 October281
Marx to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 19 October282
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 23 October285
Marx to Sibylle Hess. 25 October286
Marx to Sigmund Schott. 3 November287
Marx to Wilhelm Blos. 10 November288
Engels to Ernst Dronke. 20 November289
Marx to Sibylle Hess. 29 November290
Engels to Marx. End of 1877-beginning of 1878290


Marx to Thomas Allsop. 1 January292
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 11 January293
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 4 February296
Marx to Thomas Allsop. 4 February298
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 11 February299
Marx to Sigmund Schott. 29 March304
Marx to Valerian Smirnov. 29 March305
Engels to Carl Hirsch. 3 April306
Engels to Hermann Lopatin. 3 April307
Marx to Thomas Allsop. 28 April307
Engels to Wilhelm Bracke. 30 April308
Marx to Carl Hirsch. 26 June310
Marx to Sigmund Schott. 13 July311
Marx to Sigmund Schott. 15 July311
Engels to Valerian Smirnov. 16 July312
Engels to Oscar Schmidt. 19 July313
Engels to Philipp Pauli. 30 July314
Engels to Pyotr Lavrov. 10 August316
Marx to George Rivers. 24 August317
Marx to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 4 September318
Engels to Friedrich Lessner. 12 September319
Engels to Rudolf Engels. 12 September320
Marx to Jenny Longuet. 16 September320
Marx to Engels. 17 September321
Marx to Jenny Marx. 17 September324
Engels to Marx. 18 September325
Marx to Engels. 18 September327
Engels to Marx. 19 September330
Engels to Marx. 21 September330
Marx to Engels. 24 September331
Marx to Moritz Kaufmann. 3 October333
Marx to Moritz Kaufmann. 10 October334
Engels to Hermann Arnoldt. 21 October335
Marx to an Unknown Correspondent. 4 November356
Marx to Alfred Talandier. About 10 November-336
Marx to Nikolai Danielson. 15 November343
Engels to Ernst Dronke. 19 November345
Marx to Nikolai Danielson. 28 November346
Engels to Ernst Dronke. 29 November347
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 12 December348


Marx to Hugo Heller. 29 January350
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 30 January350
Engels to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 1 March352
Marx to Nikolai Danielson. 10 April355
Marx to Rudolph Meyer. 28 May359
Engels to J. Gugenheim. 16 June359
Engels to Eduard Bernstein. 17 June360
Engels to Eduard Bernstein. 26 June361
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 1 July364
Marx to Carlo Cafiero. 29 July365
Engels to August Bebel. 4 August366
Marx to Rudolph Meyer. 7 August368
Marx to Engels. 14 August369
Marx to Jenny Longuet. 19 August371
Engels to Marx. 20 August372
Engels to Marx. 25 August374
Marx to Engels. 25 August376
Engels to Marx. 26 August378
Engels to Karl Hochberg. 26 August379
Marx to Engels. 27 August380
Marx to Engels. 28 August381
Marx to Engels. 3 September382
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 8 September383
Marx to Engels. 9 September385
Engels to Marx. 9 September385
Marx to Engels. 10 September388
Engels to Marx. 11 September390
Marx to Engels. 11 September391
Marx to Engels. 14 September392
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 15 September392
Marx and Engels to August Bebel, Wilhelm Liebknecht, Wilhelm Bracke and Others (Circular Letter). 17-18 September394
Marx to Carl Hirsch. 18 September409
Marx to Nikolai Danielson 19 September409
Marx to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 19 September410
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 24 September415
Engels to Marx. After 8 October415
Marx to Bertha August. 25 October416
Engels to August Bebel. 14 November416
Marx to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 14 November422
Engels to August Bebel. 24 November423
Marx to Achille Loria. 3 December426
Marx to an Unknown Correspondent. 11 December427
Marx to Charles Walstone (Waldstein). 13 December427
Engels to Thomas Allsop. 14 December428
Engels to August Bebel. 16 December429
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 19 December432
Engels to Amelie Engels. Around 1879-1880434



Brief Account of Marx's Letters to Carl Hirsch. 31 January 1875 to 20 February 1878439
Eleanor Marx to Carl Hirsch. 25 October 1875441
Jenny Marx to Johann Philipp Becker. Between 16 and 20 August 1876442
Eleanor Marx to Carl Hirsch. 25 November 1876444
Jenny Marx to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 20 or 21 January 1877445
Eleanor Marx to Carl Hirsch. 8 June 1878449
Jules Guesde to Karl Marx. March-April 1879450
Marx to Maxim Kovalevsky. April 1879452


Notes and Indexes

Name Index520
Index of Quoted and Mentioned Literature559
Index of Periodicals579
Subject Index587



Karl Marx (London, 1875)50
First page of Marx's letter to Wilhelm Bracke of 5 May 187571
Extracts made by Marx from A. I. Koshelev's book On Communal Landownership in Prussia, Berlin, 1875101
Diagram of the Tableau economique258-59
The house in London, 122 Regent's Park Road, where Engels lived from September 1870 to October 1894290-91
Lizzie Burns, Engels' wife290-91
Jenny and Charles Longuet, early 1870s370-71
The house in London, 41 Maitland Park Road, where Marx lived from March 1875 till the end of his life370-71