Marx & Engels Collected Works: Volume 08

Volume 8

Articles from the Neue Rheinische Zeitung
November 8, 1848 — March 5, 1849

Preface xiii
The Crisis in Berlin 3
The Ex-Principality 7
The New Institutions.-Progress in Switzerland 9
Counter-Revolution in Berlin 14
Decision of the Berlin National Assembly 20
Sitting of the Swiss Chambers 22
Cavaignac and the June Revolution 23
Appeal of the Democratic District Committee of the Rhine Province 24
Impeachment of the Government 25
Statement 29
Confessions of a Noble Soul 30
The Kolnische Zeitung 35
No More Taxes!!! 36
A decree of Eichmann's 37
Tax Refusal and the Countryside 39
Appeal 41
Elections to the Federal Court.-Miscellaneous 42
The City Council 45
Appeal 46
On the Proclamation of the Brandenberg-Manteuffel Ministry about Tax Refusal 47
The Chief Public Prosecutor and the Neue Rheinische Zeitung 48
The Public Prosecutor's Office in Berlin and Cologne 50
The Frankfurt Assembly 51
State of Siege Everywhere 53
Position of the Left in the National Assembly 54
News from Switzerland 55
Result of the Elections to the National Council 56
Elections.-Sydow 57
Debate in the National Council 61
Raveaux's Resignation.-Violation of the Swiss Frontier 63
Manteuffel and the Central Authority 65
The German Central Authority and Switzerland 66
Drigalski-Legislator, Citizen and Communist 75
Three State Trials against the Neue Rheinische Zeitung 81
Personalities of the Federal Council 83
Report of the Frankfurt Committee on Austrian Affairs 88
News 94
Sittings of the Federal Council and the Council of States 95
Letters Opened 96
Joint Sitting of the Councils.-The Federal Council 97
The Organ of Manteuffel and Johann.-The Rhine Province and the King of Prussia 99
The Revolutionary Movement in Italy 101
German Professorial Baseness 106
Sitting of the National Council.-The Council of States.-Protest of the Pope.-Imperial Grain Embargo.-The Valaisan Great Council 108
Sitting of the National Council 111
Berne Declared Federal Capital.-Franscini 112
News from Switzerland 113
Duel between Berg and Luvini 115
The Closing of the German Frontier.-The Empire.-The Council of War 116
The Federal Council and the Foreign Ambassadors.-The Federal Council in Tessin.-Centralisation of Posts.-German Army Commander's Apology 119
Swiss Evidence of the Austrian Army's Heroic Deeds in Vienna 120
The French Working Glass and the Presidential Elections 123
Proudhon 129
Herr Raumer Is Still Alive 133
Second Stage of the Counter-Revolution 134
The Coup d'Etat of the Counter-Revolution 135
Measures Concerning the German Refugees 136
The National Council 138
The Bourgeoisie and the Counter-Revolution 154
A New Ally of the Counter-Revolution 179
The Calumnies of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung 182
Ursuline Convent.-Recruiting for the Grape-Shot King.-The "Burghers' Commune".-Commission on a General Customs. Tariff
Address of the Central Commission of the Workers' Associations of Switzerland to the Executive of the March Association in Frankfurt am Main 185
Dismissal of Drigalski 187
The Trial of Gottschalk and His Comrades 188
The Prussian Counter-Revolution and the Prussian Judiciary 197
Measures against German Refugees.-Return of Troops from Tessin.-The Patricians- Commune 204
Letter of the Central Commission of the Workers' Associations in Switzerland to the Association in Vivis 207
Refutation 210
The New "Holy Alliance" 211
January, 1849
The Revolutionary Movement 213
Swiss-Italian Affairs 216
A Bourgeois Document 218
A New-Year Greeting 222
The Magyar Struggle 227
Herr Muller.-Radetzky's Chicanery towards Tessin.-The Federal Council.-Lohbauer 239
The Last volunteer Insurgents 242
Budget 243
Priests' Rebellion 244
The Swiss Press 246
Protectionist Agitation .-Recruiting into the Neapolitan Army 251
Muller.-The Freiburg Government.-Ochsenbein 252
Montesquieu LVI 254
Answer from Colonel Engels 268
The Prussian Warrant for the Arrest of Kossuth 269
The Berlin National-Zeitung to the Primary Electors 271
The Situation in Paris 281
The Situation in Paris 284
The Kolnische Zeitung On the Elections 286
The Struggle in Hungary 290
Camphausen 295
From the Banal 298
The 19th Army Bulletin and Commentaries on It 300
The First Trial of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung 304

Speech by Karl Marx


Speech by Frederick Engels

The Trial of the Rhenish District Committee of Democrats 323
The Tax-Refusal Trial 340
Political Trial 342
Lassalle 344
War.-Discord between the Government and the Southern Slavs 347
The War in Hungary 350
The Division of Labour in the Kolnische Zeitung 354
From the Theatre of War 360
Democratic Pan-Slavism 362
Prussian Financial Administration under Bodelschwingh and Co 379
Stein 390
Three Stars versus Triangle 392
The Vienna Correspondent of the Kolnische Zeitung 394
Saedt 406
The Kolnische Zeitung on the Magyar Struggle 408
Bulletin No. 22 404
Croats and Slovaks in Hungary 409
Military Art of the Royal Imperial Army 412
Proclamation of a Republic in Rome 414
Windischgratz.-Jews and Southern Slavs 415
Further Contribution on the Old-Prussian Financial Administration 418
A Denunciation 421
Bulletin No. 23.-From the Theatre of War 423
Latest News of the Magyars.-Victory on the Theiss.-Brutality of the Austrians.-State of the War in General 427
More News of the Magyars 431
The Russians in Transylvania 432
Russian Invasion.-Serbs.-Prospects for the Austrians. -From the Theatre of War 440
Speech from the Throne 445
From the Theatre of War in Transylvania and Hungary 451
European War Inevitable 456
From the Theatre of War 458
Lassalle 463
The War in Hungary 466
From the Hungarian Theatre of War 471
The Proceedings against Lassalle 474
Magyar Victory 477


From the Preparatory Materials

Prohibition of a Torchlight Procession for Gottschalk. Note (Marx) 483
Fragment of the Draft of "The Bourgeoisie and the Counter-Revolution" (Marx) 484
Draft of a Speech at the Trial of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung (Marx) 485



Summons for Karl Marx 495
Karl Marx 496
Frederick Engels' Petition for Permission to Reside in Berne 497
Decision of the Local Court Chamber 499
Decision of the Court Chamber Concerning Engels and Other Co-defendants 500
A Deputation to Chief Public Prosecutor Zweiffel 501
Communication on the Hearing of Marx, Schapper and Schneider II by the Examining Magistrate 503
Trials of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung 504
Mandate of the Lausanne Workers' Association for Frederick Engels 505
Communication Concerning Orders for the Neue Rheinische Zeitung for the First Quarter of 1849 509
Press Law Proceedings against the Neue Rheinische Zeitung Adjourned 511
Drigalski's Lawsuit against the Neue Rheinische Zeitung 512
From the Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association, January 15, 1849 513
Record of Engels' Residence Permit for the Canton of Berne and His Departure for Germany 515
Engels before the Examining Magistrate 516
Jury Acquits Marx, Engels and Korff 517
Acquittal of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung 518
Jury Acquits Marx, Schneider II and Schapper 520
Two Trials of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung 521
Democratic Banquet 522
Report on the General Meeting of the Workers' Association, February 1849 523
Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association. February 15. 1849 525
Letter of the Cologne Commandant Colonel Engels to the Oberprasident of the Rhine Province 527
Banquet of February 24 529


Notes & Indexes

Notes 533
Name Index 591
Index of Quoted and Mentioned Literature 619
Index of Periodicals 632
Subject Index 698
Glossary of Geographical Names 657



First page of the .Neue Rheinische Zeitung No. 138 containing Marx's article "The Crisis in Berlin" 5
Special edition of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung with Marx's article "Impeachment of the Government" 27
A page of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung containing Marx's article "The Bourgeoisie and the Counter-Revolution" and the slogan "No More Taxes!!!" 155
Title-page of the pamphlet Two Political Trials containing Marx's and Engels' speeches at the Cologne trials 365
A page from Marx's draft of a speech at the trial of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung 487
A page of the minutes of the Congress of German Workers Associations in Switzerland. at which Engels was the Secretary 497